Phew... I must admit i suck at design but i still managed to develop a "nice" (it may not look nice to you:-P) flash-based website for a friend (who I owe lunch and dinner too because Marge and I kept a big secret from her which hurt her feelings:-P). The site can directly be viewed at

The flash file in that site was created with mostly pure ActionScript 2.0 implementing the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm and the MVC pattern in its architectural design.

This here page was my first attempt to get a page flipping module working. I think it was a successful attempt though not sure if the design fits.

I also created a class for handling the gallery of images. Images were retrieved through XML. I wasn't familiar yet with the JSON technology at the time i built this site. Based on my experience, JSON is the best format for keeping external data.

These are just some of the highlights of the site. There is still much more to see in the site. Please check out the site at It looks nicer with the animation.