The Text Input Field (<input type="text">)


Password: Default text input: size="20"

The Radio Button Group Input (<input type="radio">)


The Check Box Group Input (<input type="checkbox">)

I have a bike:
I have a car:
I have an airplane:

The Button Input Object (<input type="button">)

Submitting Information through the Submit Button (<input type="submit">)


The Combo Box (Drop-Down Box) Selection Input Field (w/ <select> and <option> tags)

A Drop-Down Box (w/ <optgroup> tag)

The Textarea Input Field (<textarea> tag)

The Fieldset Group Field Input (<fieldset> tag)

This is a Fieldset (This text is the Legend):
Name Age

This form sends an e-mail to W3Schools.




Images using the <img> tag

basic format: <img src="URL" alt="Text if image not loaded"

a URL is usually a path to a server that contains the picture to be loaded into the page. It starts with "http://" enclosed in quotations

Mario Picture Alternate text appears when no picture is available

An image w/ align="middle" in the text. The attribute align="" can take values top, middle, and bottom

An image with align="left" makes the image float at the left of the paragraph as if the image becomes the border of the text. This effect is similar to the text wrapping format "square" of pictures in Microsoft Office Applications. When align="right" the picture becomes the border at the right of the text like in the planted picture below. there is NO value "center" for the align attribute

Using the "usemap" Attribute to place several button hit areas in a picture

The Sun Planet Mercury Planet Venus

Note: The "usemap" attribute in the img element refers to the "id" or "name" (browser dependant) attribute in the map element, therefore we have added both the "id" and "name" attributes to the map element.

Move the mouse over the image, and look at the status bar to see how the coordinates change.

SUMMARY OF HTML_Notes1.htm and HTML_Notes2.htm

Here is an HTML quick list